The Complete Home Veterinary Guide 3rd Edition PDF

The Complete Home Veterinary Guide 3rd Edition PDF. Welcome to the Third Edition of The Complete Home Veterinary Guide, your one-stop resource for information on companion animal husbandry and health care.

The Complete Home Veterinary Guide 3rd Edition PDF

The Complete Home Veterinary Guide 3rd Edition PDF
This Third Edition has been completely updated and contains many new and exciting features, including a newly formatted and expanded section on pet first aid, a glossary of veterinary terms, a listing of the most common drugs and medications prescribed for pets, a section on injured or orphaned wildlife, and much, much more!
It’s no secret that pets are an integral part of our society today, as evidenced by the billions of dollars spent each year on food, supplies, housing, and pet care services. And of the over 60 million households that contain companion animals in this country alone, many are home to more than one pet, and oftentimes these pets are of differing species. Because of this, a resource was needed that contained information on a variety of companion animal species, all condensed into one easy-to-read volume. Hence, The Complete Home Veterinary Guide, a comprehensive, up-to-date guide to caring for companion house pets, was created.
The Complete Home Veterinary Guide is loaded with illustrations and covers important topics concerning husbandry and health care for all popular species of pets. Written from a veterinary perspective, this book provides an objective “nuts-and-bolts” look at pet care. It doesn’t matter if you own one pet or multiple species of pets, The Complete Home Veterinary Guide covers them all.
Here are just a few of the subjects presented and questions answered in this expanded Third Edition:
 Simple steps that you can take to improve your pet’s mental health and well-being
 Matching clinical signs and complaints to disease conditions in dogs and cats
 Ten strategies for reducing pet care costs that you can imple-ment today
 How to treat annoying behavioral problems in dogs and cats
 Complementary medicine and holistic approaches to pet care
 What to do if you find an injured or orphaned bird or wild animal
 The vaccination controversy: What is a pet owner to do?
 How to treat skin challenges without steroids
 The universal warning signs of illness in pet birds

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