Textbook of Cardiovascular Medicine in Dogs and Cats

By Claudio Bussadori

Textbook of cardiovascular medicine in dogs and cats

Textbook of Cardiovascular Medicine in Dogs and Cats PDF. The evolution of veterinary cardiology in the recent years has been extraordinary due to the new diagnostic methods available, which, in addition to making diagnostic processes more efficient, have made it possible to identify pathologies that were previously unknown. Meanwhile, the rapid reproduction rate of purebred dogs and cats and the changes in the environment in which they live have changed the epidemiology of diseases very quickly and have sometimes led to the onset of new pathologies.

The Textbook of Cardiovascular Medicine in dogs and cats helps veterinary cardiologists to face these new scenarios, correctly interpret diagnostic data, and suggest adequate therapeutic plans. The book describes all the tools to correctly establish a diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment by working through deductive steps and correctly interpreting all the examination findings. By understanding the pathogenesis and physiopathology of each individual disease, clinicians will be able to provide the best treatment possible for their patients.

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In the chapters on specific heart diseases, the anatomical and pathophysiological aspects of each condition are described in detail with the help of both anatomical and diagnostic images (electrocardiograms, radiographs, angiograms, CT scans, etc.), for a better understanding of the pathogenesis of each disease, its clinical signs, and the associated imaging findings. Educational videos, showing the echocardiographic features of the diseases and interventional and surgical procedures, are available through QR codes

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