Stereotypic Animal Behaviour 2nd Edition

Stereotypic Animal Behaviour 2nd Edition

Edited by: Georgia Mason, Jeffrey Rushen, December 2006, File Type: PDF

Stereotypic animal behaviour fundamentals and applications to welfare

To open the book, we review the extent and nature of research into stereotypic behaviour since the first edition was published 13 years ago. We compare the numbers of recent papers on captive animals with those on human clinical subjects or research animals experimentally manipulated to produce abnormal behaviour, and also show some recent meta-analyses of trends within the former group.

Contributed boxes present simple overviews of the motivational explanations typically used by ethologists, versus explanations in terms of brain function, and also review how the terms ‘coping’ and ‘pathology’ have been used. We then assess the extent to which the research questions raised by the last volume have been answered, and end by introducing this new edition’s website and how the following chapters are organized.

As an animal behaviour student: A heavy read, but really good book. Keep in mind it is already slightly outdated and there is some new information on a few aspects now a days so if you want to use it for an actual investigation make sure you look for more recent sources too. Maybe a new edition will come soon (and by soon I mean within the next few years). It takes into consideration different fields involved in stereotypic behaviour so there might be chapters that seem harder to keep up with if you lack knowledge in that/those field/s. Download: A Practical Approach to Neurology for the Small Animal Practitioner 1st Edition

Illustrated with numerous examples, this book questions certain preconceptions and looks at how we can build a future in which mankind has a full role to play within nature.

Book Name: Stereotypic Animal Behaviour 2nd Edition
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