Statistics for Veterinary and Animal Science 3rd Edition PDF

Statistics for Veterinary and Animal Science 3rd Edition PDF. The continuing interest in our textbook together with the ongoing development of statistical applications in veterinary and animal science has encouraged us to prepare this third edition of Statistics for Veterinary and Animal Science.

Statistics for Veterinary and Animal Science 3rd Edition PDF

Statistics For Veterinary And Animal Science 3rd Edition PDF
We have introduced some new material but we want to reassure all readers that our original intention of this being an introductory text still stands. Again, you will find everything that you need to begin to understand statistics and its application to your scientific and clinical endeavours; it remains an introduction for the novice with emphasis on understanding the application, rather than exhibiting mathematical competence in the calculations.
Readily available statistical software packages, which provide the mechanics of the calculations, have become more extensive in the range of procedures they offer. Accordingly, we have augmented our text, within the bounds of an introductory exposition, to match their development.
As in previous editions, we use two commonly employed statistical software packages, SPSS and Stata, to analyse the data in our examples. We believe that by presenting you with different forms of computer output, you will have the confidence and proficiency to interpret output from other statistical packages.
This preface would not be complete without acknowledging our marriage partners, Gerald and Rosie, and our children, Nina, Andrew and Karen, and Oliver and Anna, who have allowed us once again to engage with this task to their inevitable exclusion, and offer them our most grateful thanks.

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