Standard Abbreviations for Veterinary Medical Records 3rd Edition PDF Download. It’s vital that everyone in your practice and other practices be able to read your patients medical records quickly and easily.

Standard Abbreviations for Veterinary Medical Records 3rd Edition PDF Download

Standard Abbreviations For Veterinary Medical Records 3rd Edition PDF Download

When Standard Abbreviations for Veterinary Medical Records was first written. it was meant to be a “living document.” As Gordon W. Robinson. VMD, said in his Preface to the second edition. “As new diseases are defined. new tests developed, and new diagnostic procedures introduced, the abbreviations we use in companion animal practice will change as well” To that end, the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), with assistance from numerous veterinarians and veterinary technicians in the field, has updated this booklet into a new edition.

Deciding which abbreviations are “standard” is a daunting task. It may depend on which university you amended, what part of the country you are from, what hospital you practice at, and more. However, to have numerous versions of “standard” takes away from the merit of developing a universal set of abbreviations. Therefore. we met this challenging task head-on by interviewing practicing veterinarians and technicians, conferring with instructors of veterinary education, and reviewing other veterinary publications.

The benefits of having an accepted set of veterinary abbreviations are man}’· Just think of a patient who is transferred from one practice to another. from a general practice to a referral practice. or be-tween doctors in the same hospital. Every veterinary professional along the way must be able to quickly and easily understand the care that patient has received in order to. in rum, give that patient the best continuation of care possible. Additionally. accepted standards permit individuals outside the industry to easily translate a patient’s record of care, if they should need to.

This book’s standardized abbreviations will help you:
Improve accuracy
Increase legibility
Create consistency
Reduce the time spent writing

Updated and expanded, the third edition of Standard Abbreviations for Veterinary Medical Records contains more than 650 general medical abbreviations, plus a section with more than 100 imaging abbreviations. It also includes special sections for oncology drug protocols and grading systems for conditions such as heart failure and heart murmur.

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