Small Animal ECGs: An Introductory Guide 2nd Edition

Small Animal ECGs: An Introductory Guide, This guide contains easy to follow information regarding how to obtain a diagnostic ECG, basic principles and guides to interpretation. Common arrhymias are demonstrated with a brief indication of clinical significance. Good value for money.

Small Animal ECGs: An Introductory Guide 2nd Edition

Small animal ecgs an introductory guide 2nd edition

This edition has been significantly changed and updated, I hope for the better. It is still aimed at the beginner, be they a veterinary student or graduate, veterinary nurse or technician. It is intended as an introduction, providing a fairly easy book to read and learn about electrocardiography, prior to embarking on the more established textbooks listed in the Further Reading list.

In continuing to lecture widely on ECGs, I found that the sequence in which I taught was different from that in my own book (the 1st edition). So in this 2nd edition, I have re-arranged the sequence to match my lecture course. I hope this works. I believe it should but, importantly, it should make reading and learning about ECGs much easier and more logical. Hopefully, it will help the reader to overcome any psychological fear and apprehension about understanding, interpreting and making good use of ECGs, and spread the use of ECGs more widely.

This edition contains more than fifty new ECG tracings, gradually gathered over the years. It is hoped that these will add greatly to the book, providing illustrations to match the text. There are new chapters on management and treatment of arrhythmias and on choosing an ECG recorder.

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