Small Animal Clinical Techniques 3rd Edition

by Susan Meric Taylor, Year September 8, 2020, FileType: PDF

Small animal clinical techniques 3rd edition

This book and the accompanying online modules were designed to provide a visual guide to the diagnostic and therapeutic clinical techniques essential to small animal practice. This text is organized by body system for quick reference and describes more than 100 clinical techniques. The indications and contraindications, as well as potential complications, for each technique are listed.

I believe that in nearly every case, the “trick” to performing a technique properly and with confidence is understanding the relevant anatomy. Digital photographs and drawings provide the user with an in-depth understanding of and appreciation for important anatomic landmarks. A step-by-step guide to each technique is provided, illustrated by drawings and photographs. Some of the more challenging techniques also are demonstrated in the online modules. Get Now: Farm Animal Surgery by Susan

This text was designed to be used as a resource for teaching veterinary students and veterinary technology students, as well as an aid to practicing veterinarians a empting these techniques for the first time. The second edition added a few techniques requested by students, interns, residents, and practitioners and also included a completely new chapter detailing neurologic examination with a series of accompanying videos.

The Small Animal Clinical Techniques 3rd Edition includes all of the techniques from the first and second editions (a few modified), a new complete chapter dedicated to physical examination, new sections detailing focused cardiac examination and electrocardiography, and guidelines for interpretation of arterial blood gas results and electrocardiograms. There are also new videos describing complete physical examination in the dog and cat and new cardiac and respiratory examination videos that include excellent narrated audio recordings of normal and abnormal heart and lung sounds.

With the help of this textbook, I hope that students and practitioners will be able to use these techniques with confidence on clinical patients as the opportunity arises. I originally embarked on this project with the hope that having a fully illustrated clinical manual and access to videos of some of the more challenging techniques would make it easier for students to learn these important techniques while decreasing the repetitive use of research animals for demonstration purposes. These goals have been met, and it has been very rewarding to observe the enthusiasm with which students have used this resource to improve their skills. I am confident that they will find this third edition and the accompanying online content even more helpful.

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