Self-Assessment Colour Review Veterinary Parasitology PDF

Self-Assessment Colour Review Veterinary Parasitology PDF. The rationale behind this first edition of Self-Assessment Colour Review Veterinary Parasitology developed out of our experience with case-based teaching and teaching parasitology to undergraduate veterinary students for more than 17 years.

Self-Assessment Colour Review Veterinary Parasitology PDF

Self Assessment Colour Review Veterinary Parasitology PDF
It became clear as we strived to develop a course that would encourage understanding and enhance learning that parasitology is best taught in a format that fosters students’ interest, reasoning and critical thinking. The continuous development and evolution of the discipline of veterinary parasitology add another challenge as concepts change and new discoveries are recognized.
Parasitic diseases are encountered on a daily basis in veterinary practice and there has been a flood of new information in the literature in recent years. This clinically oriented book brings together a wide variety of cases and clinical situations relating to diseases caused by parasitic agents in domestic livestock, wild animals and exotic animals. Each case scenario includes key questions regarding diagnosis, treatment and control of the infection. For example, what are the pearls in the clinical presentation that suggest a specific parasitic agent? How do you interpret these findings? What is the best therapeutic option? The questions are followed by explanatory answers.
This book is not meant to be a reference book, but rather it is a compilation of useful diagnostic scenarios seen in livestock and companion small animals (primarily) and is representative of common parasitic problems. Many of the described situations are accompanied by detailed and challenging epidemiological input, which will encourage the reader to think about differential diagnoses.
There are interesting and important inclusions for exotic species and for fish. Cases are randomly mixed throughout the book, but a broad classification of cases by body system (e.g. cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, nervous) and an index of host and parasite species are provided to guide the reader to specific areas of interest.

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