Ring womb in Sheep

Ring womb in sheep

What is Ring womb?

It is a condition of parturition occurred in sheep, in this condition cervix does not dilate.


The main cause of the Ring womb is still unknown, but may be due to a lack of release of hormones involved in softening collagen or a lack of response of the collagen in the cervix to hormonal stimulation.

Mineral deficiency, malpresentation, premature lambing, and consumption of feedstuffs that contain estrogen do not cause this condition. There is no correlation of RW with breed of sheep, age, and body condition score. But there does appear to be a genetic correlation to ring womb; the occurrence of ring womb appears to run within bloodlines and when these bloodlines are inbred, the frequency of it increases. Handbook of Veterinary Obstetrics 2nd Edition PDF Download

Clinical Signs:

Decrease Appetite during first of labor. No relaxation of pelvic ligaments. No dilation of cervix. If the Sheep is left untreated, the cervix will not dilate, placental membranes will protrude from the vagina and the lamb will die from hypoxia. But again, the sheep will require help to deliver the dead fetus.


Sheep that are suspected of this case should be assisted with a caesarean section to deliver healthy lambs. Due to genetic correlations , if you want to remove it from herd cull the effected sheep and their female off springs. ring womb sheep

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