Principles of Feline Nutrition

Principles of feline nutrition

Principles of Feline Nutrition is very important, By thinking about what you feed your cats can  become big advantage for their life and  possibly help them avoid serious injuries,  life-threatening issues, and other harms. Now a days most veterinarians suggest canned feed for cats instead of dry kibble feed, but some veterinarians still suggest Dry feed for cats. Disadvantage of using dry feed as Feline nutrition now a days increasing serious health issues.

Dry feed addiction in Felines:
If your cats are still on dry feed , switched them to water rich and low carbohydrate diet.

Disadvantage of using Dry kibble or dry feed as Feline nutrition:
Disadvantages of giving dry  to cats are given below:

  1. Low water content in feed,  this low level of water lead your cats to URT infections (urinary tract infections) these infections are life threatening and direct way to grave.
  2. Carbohydrate content is extremely high, this high level lead to Diabetes, Obesity and gastro-intestinal tract diseases.
  3. Protein content, as you know protein are high in plant diets and low in animals based diet. cats are carnivores and are for meat feeding instead of other feed like grains etc these are served to cats to promote the profit margin of pet feed.
  4. bacterial contamination also negative point , this lead your cat to vomiting and diarrhea issues.
  5. Fungal infections are common , because fungal toxins are found in grains.
  6. Dry feed are harshly cooked and nutrient content of feed is less.
  7. insects feces are a source of respiratory infections.

Now a days most people said there cats are fine on dry feed
I just say that every cat with urinary tract infections look ” Fine ” until he/she feel difficulty in urination or died because of it. Dry feed is life threatening. I guess he is not so fine now!!” when a patient presents to me with a medical problem that could have been avoided if a species-appropriate diet (low-carb canned or balanced homemade food – not dry food) had been fed to begin with.

  • Urinary tract is perfect with an appropriate amount of water flowing through the tract. Life threatening issues occurs in cats when they fed on extremely high dry feed content. These are serious issues for felines. these are sometime avoid by adding water to canned feed, these reduce the chances of pain.
  • Cats inherently have a low thirst drive and need to consume water with their food. A cat’s normal prey
    is ~70 – 75% water; dry food is only 5-10% water. cats mostly take double amount of water with canned food instead of dry feed.
  • high Carbohydrates lead to the diabetes, carbohydrates are high in dry feed grans etc.
  • Brushing your catʼs teeth daily is the best way to keep their mouth healthy.

Feline Nutrition correctly is definitely a pay me now or pay me later issue. Cat caregivers often state that canned food is too expensive. However, considering the cost to treat the illnesses that arise from feeding dry food, most people re-think this issue after they receive their vet bill.

Cats Need a lot  of Water in feed:
This is a very important  because it emphasizes why even the low-carbohydrates, grain-free dry foods are not normal food sources for your cat. Keep in mind that the cheap canned food is better than any dry food on the market. Cats do not have a very strong thirst drive when compared to other species. Therefore, it is critical for them to ingest a water-rich diet. Just think about your cats and feed them according to their need and follow the Principles of feline nutrition.