Practical Guide Infectious Diseases in Cats

by Juanjo Vega Guerrero, Valentina Aybar Rodríguez, Owen Howard, Published: 2017, FileType: PDF

Practical guide infectious diseases in cats

This book addresses the main feline infectious diseases that are usually seen in daily veterinary practice and includes all the existing updates regarding the diagnostic approach and management of these conditions. Its main aim is to provide highly practical information in order to offer a new perspective, different from other textbooks, about the current infectious diseases in cats.

This book is a summary of our experience over the last 15 years in the clinical management of infectious diseases of cats, acquired working with cats from the street, from shelters, and from homes with many cats. Clinical Immunodermatology in Small Animals

Our objective was to provide practical insight into the main infectious diseases of cats with which clinicians deal in daily practice, including diagnostic protocols, new treatments, and interventions that may improve the survival of affected animals including blood transfusions, parenteral feeding, placement of central venous catheters, and other techniques that may be of use in daily practice.

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