Bone Surgery in Small Animals

Bone Surgery in Small Animals

by Juan Pablo Zaera Polo, Anna Frandsen, Published: 2015, FileType: PDF

Bone surgery in small animals

This traumatology manual in which the most common fractures in the canine species and the way to solve them by osteosynthesis are described. The first six chapters are devoted to the general aspects of bone growth and healing, classification of bone fractures and the different types of osseous healing. The following chapters set out the fractures that can occur in the different bones, from the skull to the phalanges, with the various alternatives to address them and the advantages or disadvantages of the different applicable osteosynthesis systems. The information is supplemented by abundant radiographs showing the reader the possible treatment options. Finally, the author includes a chapter of selected clinical cases.

Reaching the twenty-fifth anniversary of getting my degree and after twenty-four and a half years of training in bone surgery, orthopaedics and spine surgery, I decided to try to organise all the knowledge my teachers worked so hard to instil within me. I have attempted – and I hope I have been successful – to bring my personal experience to transmit some ideas that may be of help to veterinary surgeons that, like me, enjoy attempting to “repair” the musculoskeletal system of our dear fellow sufferers. Manual of Small Animal Soft Tissue Surgery 2nd Edition

After an entire professional life alternating between university and non-university teaching and clinical activity – without which I think it would be completely impossible to enthuse students or help colleagues -, I decided to write this book. With this publication I have tried to transmit, in an eminently graphic manner, certain knowledge that may serve as a solid foundation for students who would like to initiate themselves in bone surgery as well as for those veterinary surgeons willing to improve in “the art of healing bones”.

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