Ornamental Fishes and Aquatic Invertebrates: Self-Assessment Color Review 2nd Edition PDF. This is a new edition in the Self-Assessment Colour Review series that covers ornamental fish.

Ornamental Fishes and Aquatic Invertebrates: Self-Assessment Color Review 2nd Edition PDF

Ornamental Fishes And Aquatic Invertebrates

It includes 200 colour illustrated cases in random order, as they would be presented in practice. It presents questions based on each case with answers that fully explore the disease/disorder. This new edition contains 250 new cases. The book should appeal to candidates preparing for examinations and to practitioners in their continuing education.

Ornamental fish medicine is now included in many if not most veterinary curricula. This has sparked even more student interest in and awareness of fish and, in some cases, invertebrate medicine. There are also many more textbooks on these topics including at least two books on koi medicine alone. These factors combine to make the appearance of a second edition of this book both prudent and timely.

All of the cases and questions in this book are new, as are many of the contributors. Since this is a clinical work, the reader should keep in mind there can be more than one ‘right’ answer to many of the questions contained in these pages. In fact the reader may come across contradictory information and ideas when comparing similar case scenarios. This can be a healthy and constructive exercise and mimics what one sees in day-to-day veterinary practice.

Finally, as the editor of this work, I accept full responsibility for its content. Please use this book as a clinical guide, learning tool, and tank side resource. But do not rely on it as a stand-alone reference. Use your own clinical skills, intuition, and consultation with experienced colleagues before making real life clinical decisions on an unfamiliar case or medical challenge. And please take good notes and secure quality images when possible in order to help further advance fish and invertebrate medicine.

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