Normal Cell Morphology in Canine and Feline Cytology: An Identification Guide. A concise and practical visual guide to normal cell identification for all those dealing with cytology in the dog and cat.

Normal Cell Morphology in Canine and Feline Cytology: An Identification Guide

Normal Cell Morphology In Canine And Feline Cytology An Identification Guide
The book you hold in your hands is not a classic text of diagnostic cytology of the dog and cat. The starting point is not the needle and the goal is not the diagnosis, but it continues to ‘go in circles’ around cells.

Due to this particular feature, it could be considered as something preparatory to diagnostic cytology activity and, predominantly, it has been precisely designed for this purpose: to give a comprehensive but original approach to the study of normal cells for the veterinary student interested in diagnostic veterinary cytology, hoping to fill the gap between the first year courses on cell biology, and final year’s clinical pathology rotations. I think, however, this book will also find a place close to the microscope of the novice practising veterinary cytologist, when having ‘easy‐to‐use’ information to hand is the key to correct interpretation and diagnosis.

Normal Cell Morphology in Canine and Feline Cytology: An Identification Guide takes a uniquely visual approach to normal cell identification in dogs and cats. Single-page presentations offer vivid snapshots of particular cell types, with high quality microphotographs matched with annotated schematic diagrams and accompanying explanatory text. Providing a vital understanding of what normal cells look like, this text is ideal for all those in small animal veterinary practice examining cytology samples.

The book begins with a concise, yet comprehensive introduction to the principles of morphological identification, followed by a description of the distribution of cells and where different cell types can be sampled from in the various tissues and organs. The main part of the book is devoted to describing each cell type and its characteristics. Cytoarchitectures, observed non-cellular material and general pathological changes are also described.

Offers a unique alphabetically organised visual guide to each cell type, covering cells from every type of organ and system Features an abundance of full-colour microphotographs accompanied by beautifully rendered schematic diagrams, making cell identification quick and easy Includes a visual index for ultimate ease of navigation at the microscope. Normal Cell Morphology in Canine and Feline Cytology is a must-have text for veterinary students and an indispensable bench manual for small animal veterinary practitioners.

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