Neglected Diseases in Monkeys: From the Monkey-Human Interface to One Health

by Sascha Knauf, Lisa Jones-Engel, Filetype: PDF

Neglected diseases in monkeys from the monkey human interface to one health

This book offers a valuable resource, reviewing the current state of knowledge concerning the pathology and epidemiology of infectious diseases in both captive and wild monkeys. The One Health concept forms the framework of all chapters. The multidisciplinary team of authors addresses neglected diseases caused by the three major pathogen groups – bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Moreover, the volume discusses key virulence factors such as the evolution of antibiotic resistance, and the ecological drivers of and human influence on pathogen transmission.

Demonstrating how researchers working on monkeys diseases are increasingly thinking outside the box, this volume is an essential reference guide to the  field of One Health and will serve as an asset for stakeholders in conservation, healthcare and research organizations that face the challenge of moving beyond classical human oriented approaches to health.

This 1st Edition of Neglected Monkey Diseases: From the Monkey-Human Interface to One Health comes to press as SARS CoV-2 emerges. Once again humans’ complex relationship with animals and the environment has expedited a global pandemic. Monkeys may not be implicated in the emergence of this pandemic, but under the One Health paradigm where the health of humans and animals are established as linked, they too may become victims.

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