Necrotic Stomatitis Treatment

Necrotic stomatitis is an infectious disease of young and milk-fed calves characterized by hypersalivation, painful swallowing, and puffy cheek appearance or swollen or bloated cheeks.

Necrotic stomatitis treatment


  1. Use oral antibiotics like Sulphonamides, sulphamethazine with dose rate of 150mg/kg. Never give B-complex with this because it has folic acid.
  2. If there is systemic infection i.e High temperature then give streptomycin as it is effective against gram negative bacteria at dose rate of 5g per large animal.
  3. Apply tincture iodine or somogel.
  4. in severe cases go for tracheostmy.
  5. Don’tĀ give bronchodilator because there is no involvement of lungs.