Introduction and history:

What is lipomatous?

in Lipomatous bull dog calf monster, A lipoma is a benign tumor composed of adipose tissue (body fat). It is the most common benign form of soft tissue tumor.

What is lipomatous bull dog calf monster?

Appearance of fetus look like a bull dog.



A pluriparous Murrah buffalo at full term in second stage of parturition suffering from dystocia due to fetal cause was referred to TVCC, Lala Lajpat Rai University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Hisar (Haryana). Even after preliminary handling at field level, straining since last 12 hours and rupture of water bags 3-5 hours before, animal was unable to deliver the fetus.

Etiology Lipomatous Bull Dog Calf Monster :

  • Teratogenic agents
  • Nutritional deficiencies includes vitamin A and E,riboflavin,folic acid,niacin etc.
  • Mineral deficiency includes iodine,manganese,amino acids such as tryptopan.Hupervitaminosis includes A and D.
  • Endocrine disturbances:
  • Diabetes,thyroid malfunction,large doses of exogenous glucocorticoids,ACTH,insulin.androgens Progestagens,estrogens,thyroxine and thiouracil will cause defects in embryo.

Physical factors:

  • Reduced atmospheric pressures,hypothermia,hyperthermia and anoxia cause anomalies.
  • Radiation: X-ray or radioactive substances.
  • Drugs or chemicals: Tetracyclines,sulphonamides,stretomycin,lead,mercury,nicotine,selenium,fluorine etc.
  • Infections: Bovine virus diarrhea,mucosal disease virus.
  • ageing  of ova: By delaying ovulation 24 to 48 hours increases chromosomal anomalies.

Such types of monsters are generally borned due to a simple, autosomal recessive defects with some modifiers .

DIAGNOSIS Lipomatous Bull Dog Calf Monster:

Physically, animal was dull, depressed, and exhausted due to severe straining. The animal was examined per vaginally after proper lubrication which revealed that the fetus was in anterior longitudinal presentation and dorso-sacral position. Fetal head was present in the birth canal without any progress Foetal movements and other reflexes were absent.

Differential diagnosis:

  • Acondroplasia
  • congenital dropsy
  • Hydrocephalus

TREATMENT Lipomatous Bull Dog Calf Monster:

Before handling the case, the animal was given epidural anesthesia using 5ml of 2% xylocaine hydrochloride and two liters of liquid paraffin was infused into the uterus. Posterior epidural anaesthesia was achieved using 2 per cent xylocaine hydrochloride. The obstetrical eye hook was applied in eye socket and dead monster was expelled out by gentle traction. . On post mortem examination, the abdominal cavity was exposed and excessive lipomatous mass was noted.

Supportive treatment:

  • Antibiotic(streptomycin) Dose 15 mg per kg.
  • Dextrose drip(450 ml)
  • IF there is ROP  then calcium therapy is necessary..
  • Hormone therapy ( E2, PG)


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