Manual of Small Animal Dermatology Second Edition

by Aiden P. Foster, Carol S. Foil in 2003

There have been major and rapid advances in the field of veterinary dermatology since the first Manual of Small Animal Dermatology was

Manual of Small Animal Dermatology 2nd Editionpublished. To reflect this, the second edition of the Manual of Small Animal Dermatology has been completely rewritten. The use of British, European, Australian and American authors has led to the incorporation of the new international scope of knowledge in this field.

Designed with the busy practitioner in mind, the information is presented in a concise and readily accessible format, and the Manual is generously illustrated with colour figures, practical tables and useful diagrams.

The book begins with a thorough survey of the basics of dermatology practice, from structure and function of mammalian skin, through history and examination, to a practical coverage of dermatopathology. There then follows and unique problem–oriented approach to the common clinical presentations, including pruitus, alopecia and nodules. These chapters consider the differentials and then describe the clinical approach used to arrive at a diagnosis (including history–taking, examination and diagnostic tests). In many instances algorithms re used to summarize the process and decision–making. A number of diseases that are not covered in detail in later chapters are presented briefly in a text box format, which is easily accessible to the reader. The most common skin diseases of dogs and cats, such as flea allergy, pyoderma and dermatophytosis, are then described in detail. The final section of the book is devoted to skin disease of exotic pets.

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