Manual of Canine and Feline Cardiorespiratory Medicine 2nd Edition

by Virginia Luis Fuentes in July, 2010. File Type: PDF

Manual of canine and feline cardiorespiratory medicine 2nd edition

This new edition reflects the huge advances in the field of cardiothoracic medicine that have taken place over the past ten years. Illustrated throughout, it features contributions from leaders in the fields of cardiology and respiratory disorders from the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States. The approach of the Manual has been remodeled to enhance the practitioner’s access to information.

The Manual begins with a look at the clinical approach to a range of common presenting signs.  This is followed by details of diagnostic tests and techniques, including imaging and blood pressure measurement.  Therapeutic strategies for these are discussed, and detailed discussions of specific conditions are presented.  Useful appendices include a drug formulary and ECG reference ranges.

The approach of the Manual has been completely remodelled to enhance the reader’s access to information. Part 1 focuses on the clinical approach to the most common problems encountered in the clinic, including respiratory distress, cough, syncope, and murmurs. Part 2 centres on available diagnostic methods and starts with the essential features of history and physical examination that help differentiate cardiac from respiratory disease. This section includes detailed discussion of the use of biomarkers in cardiac disease as well as chapters on basic and advanced imaging modalities.

Part 3 concentrates on the underlying pathophysiology of disease associated with respiratory disease, heart failure and arrhythmias. Since the last edition, there has been a remarkable increase in our understanding of the mechanisms underlying heart failure, in particular. These chapters contain information essential for an understanding of the consequences of disease, as well as guidance on appropriate diagnostic tests and therapeutic management.

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Part 4 focuses on broad concepts of management of acute and chronic respiratory disease, as well as management of heart failure and arrhythmias. This section has been substantially updated following the findings of multiple therapeutic clinical trials, most notably in the treatment of heart failure, and is essential reading for the veterinarian who practices cardiopulmonary medicine.

In Part 5, the authors lend their experience of diagnosis and management of the disorders encountered most commonly in veterinary medicine, including valvular heart disease, feline cardiomyopathy, and canine and feline tracheobronchial disease.

This edition has a truly international flavour, with contributions from leaders in the fields of cardiology and respiratory disorders from the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States. All material has been tightly integrated to highlight global cooperation in veterinary medicine.

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