Manual of Animal Andrology

by Peter J Chenoweth, Steven P. Lorton, Published: February 2022, FileType: PDF

Manual of animal andrology

A succinct reference for those assessing and managing the reproductive functionality of male animals, this practical manual contains both generic and species-specific information suitable for widespread worldwide application. It covers all relevant aspects such as handling and restraint, physical examination, reproductive examination, important reproductive diseases, biosecurity, semen collection and its assessment, mating behaviour, and the fundamentals of semen handling and preservation for artificial breeding.

A simple, concise ‘go-to’ for the useful techniques and procedures of animal andrology, this book:

  • Covers a wide range of species, including cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, horses, water buffalo, camelids and dogs
  • Provides normal values and ranges for important male reproductive traits, as well as guidelines for breeding soundness evaluations
  • Includes extra supplementary illustrations, protocols and resources through accompanying website to enable further learning.

With information presented in a manner that will remain useful for years to come, Manual of Animal Andrology is an essential resource for veterinarians, theriogenologists, animal breeders, and students of veterinary and animal sciences.

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