Managing Breeds for a Secure Future 3rd Edition

By Phillip Sponenberg, Alison Martin PhD, Jeannette Beranger, Published: 2022, FileType: PDF

Managing breeds for a secure future 3rd edition

Long-term management of rare breeds is a complicated endeavour, and strategies for success have been detailed in the first and second editions of Managing Breeds for a Secure Future. For many the challenge of knowing exactly what to do when very short-term actions are needed to rescue a numerically small population of animals remains. Such situations point to a need for a specific set of recipes that can be followed in different situations in order to assure successful outcomes. This new edition addresses that need. Each rare breed rescue comes with its own array of specific problems, but several general concepts run through all of them.

These concepts provide a good framework for breed rescue work. This book relies on these concepts in order to help breeders chart a course when confronted with a rare population (breed or bloodline) that faces immediate threat of loss. Managing Breeds for a Secure Future Third Edition is an expanded version of the second edition. It is re-organized to flow better, and has additional chapters on specific breeding protocols for maintaining breeds. It also delves more deeply into rescuing rare populations, through both theory and practice. Encyclopedia of Cat Breeds

This is a super book, and as I have interest in the conservation of a rare horse breed, breeding, and running a breed organization, this had all the information I needed to supplement my research and to help me develop solid plans. I’ve recommended it to others involved in my organization and highly recommend it.

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