Looking for Success in Dermatology Consultations, Diagnostic Protocol for Skin Disorders

by Carmen Lorente Méndez, Owen Howard, Published: 2020, FileType: PDF+EPUB

Looking for success in dermatology consultations, diagnostic protocol for skin disorders

This practical text on small animal dermatology provides the knowledge necessary to successfully diagnose and treat the most common skin diseases, which can account for up to 90% of veterinary consultations. This information is presented together with numerous images as well as a large number of diagnostic algorithms, which add to the practical value of the book.

This handbook begins with a description of Dr. Lorente’s approach to dermatology cases, with tips about recognising problems and acquiring information both through the history and during the pet’s examination. The book then goes on to discuss seven of the main dermatologic problems of dogs and cats that are presented to veterinarians. August’s Consultations in Feline Internal Medicine Volume 7

For each of these problems, an algorithm is provided with the basic approach, together with lists of common causes for each area the algorithm may lead to. Each problem is presented with many photographs depicting lesions, patterns of disease, diagnostic aids, and tips that Dr. Lorente has learned to use over time to reach a correct diagnosis. The handbook also discusses the key areas of treatment for many of the diseases causing these problems. This handbook is a compilation of Dr. Lorente’s 25 years of experience in dealing with dermatologic diseases in Spain and is designed to be a practical aid for the general practitioner who deals with dermatology problems in dogs and cats.

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