Life Cycles of Ectoparasites in Small Animals

By Gram, Dunbar; Walden, Heather, Published: 2019, FileType: PDF

Life cycles of ectoparasites in small animals

Small handbook gathering all the life cycles of the most common ectoparasites in dogs and cats. Similar parasites are grouped together based on their life cycle and, consequently, their sensitivity to parasiticides. The aim is to provide readers with key aspects of parasite control and prevention, highlighting those diseases that can be transmitted by them. Geographic distribution maps are also included.

Importance of life cycles in parasite control, The life cycles of parasites are dynamic, the foundation and biology of each may not change, but with our traveling society and changing climate, new hosts are being discovered regularly and we are finding parasites in new and unexpected places around the world. Fundamentals of Animal Nutrition 1st Edition

Life cycles inform us about who can become infected or infested with a parasite and where those parasites are located in that host, therefore giving an idea regarding disease presentation and diagnosis. Life cycles can let clinicians know when to treat and how, and the means of transmission can help determine ways to prevent new or reinfections, along with environmental control to help prevent spread to new hosts, especially with zoonotic pathogens.

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