Laparoscopic Urogynecology: Principles and Practice 1st Edition

by Christian Phillips, Stephen Jeffery, Published: 2022, FileType: PDF

Laparoscopic urogynecology principles and practice 1st edition

Laparoscopic surgery for the treatment of disorders such as urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse is evolving rapidly with few resources available for clinicians. This text will act as a gold standard reference in the field of laparoscopic urogynaecological surgery. The introductory section covers the basics of laparoscopy, including patient selection, surgical set up and the prevention and management of complications. Further sections focus on different “gold standard” techniques and the procedural steps needed to perform the surgery, including chapters on colposuspension, paravaginal repair, laparoscopic hysterectomy as well as apical suspensory surgery such as sacrocolpopexy and sacrohysteropexy. The final section includes debates and opinion pieces on newer techniques as well as discussion on the use of mesh in treating pelvic organ prolapse. There is also a section addressing the current rise in robotic surgery. The editors and contributors are all experts in the field, providing an authoritative and global view on techniques. Highly illustrated, with videos demonstrating the techniques, this is an eminently practical guide to the use of laparoscopy in urogynaecology. Small Animal Endoscopy 3rd Edition

A highly illustrated, practical reference to performing laparoscopic techniques in urogynecology and best practice for managing patients. The laparoscopic approach to surgery has revolutionized mod-ern healthcare. With advances in training and accessibility, the worldwide impact of this minimally invasive surgical modality continues to grow exponentially. High quality data continue to show advantages of laparoscopic surgery compared to open surgery in a variety of surgical fields, including lower rates of comorbidity, lower healthcare costs related to length of hos-pitalization, and expedited patient recovery.

In urogynaecology, laparoscopy can be utilized in the surgical repair of pelvic floor disorders, representing a versatile modality that can address the range from simple to the most complex cases. Adaptation of this modality greatly expands the repertoire of the urogynaecologic surgeon, and simultaneously can expand patient access to quality surgical care. The preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative care in laparoscopy differs from that of vaginal or open surgery. This chapter will review the nuances of patient assessment and selection in urogynaecologic surgery.

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