In Ovo Techniques and Treatments in Poultry Eggs

 By Mahmoud Alagawany and Mayada Ragab Farag, FileType: PDF

In Ovo Techniques and Treatments in Poultry Eggs

In Ovo Techniques and Treatments in Poultry Eggs PDF Book provides a comprehensive review of in ovo techniques and treatments in poultry eggs, which are aimed at improving embryonic development and decreasing economic losses in poultry farms. The book is divided into five chapters, which address the basics of in ovo techniques and sites of in ovo injection, nutrient utilisation for the development of the chick embryo, the role of early in ovo feeding for the chick embryo, and applications of in ovo technology for various nutrients and biological supplements in poultry.

In conventional production systems, newly hatched chicks do not have access to food until all the chicks are hatched and have been transported to the broiler farm. This means they may be deprived of food for up to 48–72 hours. Investigations have shown that such delay in food access could cause a drop in growth performance as compared to broiler chicks that are fed shortly after hatch. To address this point, in ovo techniques could be used in order to provide the embryonic cells with supplementary nutrients before hatching, which could also help chicks after hatch throughout the fasting period before first access to feed. Poultry Science 5th Edition

In addition, in ovo inoculation of basic nutrients to embryonated chicks has been shown to enhance the growth rate and future health status of broiler chickens. To summarise, the use of in ovo feeding could lead to a critical enhancement in the profitability and efficiency of chicken production.

The present book should prove a very useful tool for poultry nutritionists, poultry farmers, veterinary professionals, clinicians, researchers, students/scholars, public health experts, and to the pharmaceutical industry: it provides an update on in ovo use of effective and safer prophylactics, drugs/medicines, immunomodulators, and nutraceuticals for the prevention of infectious and non-infectious diseases to better safeguard poultry health.

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