This book Human Diseases from Wildlife by Michael R. Conover, Rosanna M. Vail was written because many people are uninformed about zoonotic diseases.

Human Diseases from Wildlife

Human Diseases From Wildlife Pdf By Michael R. Conover, Rosanna M. Vail

Human Diseases from Wildlife by Michael R. Conover, Rosanna M. Vail. Human diseases from wildlife provide information on the most common and serious zoonotic diseases in the US and Canada, some of which are national news headlines such as anthrax, influenza and the West Nile virus. Diseases caused by pathogens that can infect humans and animals are known as zoonotic diseases, which literally means “animal disease”.

The problem of interaction between man and wildlife is a growing concern, as people continue to interact with wildlife. People who are engaged in wildlife, including field workers, wildlife professionals, hunters and hunters, want to know about potential diseases, risks and ways to protect themselves from disease.

  • Focuses on diseases that pose a threat to biological animals, hunters, tourists, tourists, bird watchers and people who spend time outside
  • Focus on diseases that occur in the US and Canada, many of which are often state news (for example, the influenza virus and the West Nile)
  • Represents the history and ecology of each disease that animals serve as reservoirs for these pathogens, and how pathogens are transferred to people
  • Includes information on bacterial, spirochaetal, rickettsia and viral diseases, as well as on macroparasites and emerging zoonotic diseases
  • Emphasizes the role of wildlife in harboring diseases and spreading them to people in North America
  • Contains extensive applications, suggested readings and side panels of interesting stories and facts about zoonotic diseases

This book was written because many people are not aware of zoonotic diseases. This lack of information causes some people to experience increased fear of zoonotic diseases, not allowing them to enjoy wildlife or spending time outdoors. Other people are uselessly exposing themselves to illness, neglecting simple precautions.

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