Handbook of Veterinary Parasitology, Domestic Animals of North America

Handbook of Veterinary Parasitology, Domestic Animals of North America, A Handbook of Veterinary Parasitology was first published in 1978. Practitioners, teachers, and students of veterinary medicine and animal technicians will find this handbook extremely useful in their work.

Handbook of Veterinary Parasitology, Domestic Animals of North America

Handbook Of Veterinary Parasitology, Domestic Animals Of North America

It provides a quick and easy reference for the identification and control of parasites and parasitic disease in the domestic animals of North America. The information given about each parasite includes habitat, distribution, life cycle, transmission, signs and pathogenicity, and control. Some of the commonly used laboratory techniques and diagnostic procedures are outlined, a host-parasite listing is provided, and there is additional information in the appendix about some of the parasiticides and chemotherapeutic agents which are mentioned in the text.

The presentation of material in this handbook is based on the author’s experience in teaching veterinary parasitology. The information, concerning only parasites occurring in North America, has been compiled from the work and writings of many in the field of parasitology. Books devoted to veterinary parasitology are limited in number, and until now the highly regarded text by Soulsby was the only work in English dealing with the protozoans, arthropods, and helminths of veterinary importance.

The intent of the handbook is to provide the veterinary practitioner, student, and animal technician with an easily used source of information regarding the more common parasites of domestic animals in North America. The manual is not intended to be a standard text or an exhaustive source of information on animal parasites. It is designed to be a concise reference work from which the user may quickly retrieve factual material as an aid in the identification and control of animal parasites.

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