Handbook of Pig Medicine PDF. This book has been written to provide as much information about pig health and disease as possible in a reader friendly style.

Handbook of Pig Medicine PDF

Handbook Of Pig Medicine PDF

All sections of the book are illustrated where appropriate, mostly with coloured photographs. The fi rst chapter deals with the investigation of clinical problems on pig farms. A good clinical examination is an essential part of any investigation of disease. Although the pig is not the easiest animal to examine, with care and skill a full and detailed examination can be performed.

The adage ‘mistakes are made by not looking rather than not knowing’ is as important in the pig as in other species. The importance of herd health along with care of the individual has already been stressed. The second chapter of the book deals with herd health including herd health plans and consumer assurance schemes.

Post mortem examination is an important aid to the diagnosis of pig diseases. Post mortem technique is described in detail in Chapter 16, together with techniques for sampling and euthanasia. Chapter 17 contains details of the haematology and biochemistry of the pig, and the important subject of differential diagnosis is discussed in Chapter 18.

There are currently about 5 million pigs in the UK. 1.5 million tonnes of pig meat is consumed annually in the UK with half of this amount being imported. A recent manpower study by the RCVS showed that only 0.4% of veterinary time is spent working with pigs. Much consultative work is done by specialists and pig courses in veterinary schools have been shortened.

It is very important that more veterinarians become skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of pig disease. The professions must remain fully involved with the industry to ensure that pigs receive the highest standard of veterinary care. Veterinary surgeons must remain at the forefront of national and international disease control and ensuring the welfare, herd health and productivity are maintained at high levels.

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