Handbook of Equine Colic 1st Edition

by G. B. EdwardsN. A. White, Year 1999, File Type: PDF

Handbook of equine colic

‘Handbook of Equine Colic’ provides practical information on all aspects of equine colic. Comprehensive in its coverage the book discusses: the causes of colic, examination, medical treatments, management of specific diseases, husbandry and prevention.

* ·A practical guide to the diagnosis, management and treatment of this emergency condition *
· Easily-accessible information selected from the latest research enables effective treatment regimes to be implemented with the minimum of delay *
· A whole chapter is devoted to the discussion of good prognostication techniques and how to improve their accuracy.

This handbook on colic in the horse is written to provide useful information for the student and equine practitioner.

Purpose: The purpose is to pare down the enormous volume of information on colic so that the important facts are available to the equine practitioner and student. These are worthy objectives, satisfied by this book in a unique way.

Audience: The book is written for the equine practitioner and veterinary student. Its value could basically extend to include mixed animal practitioners that deal with the occasional colic. Both authors are very credible authorities on this subject matter. Practical Guide to Equine Colic

Features: This book is a very well-balanced and well-written text on a critical subject. Crucial information is covered, especially in excellent sections on husbandry and prevention that are not available elsewhere. The parasite section is excellent. Although prognostication is important in academic sections, it is weakened by difficulty of application in the individual horse and the rapidity in which the data used to generate it becomes outdated as equine colic management improves.

Assessment: This book is a unique, readable, and thorough overview of colic that is not available in other forms. Few, if any, other books available are as well directed at this audience.

Veterinarians and horse owners commonly view colic as a common and inevitable disease of horses. Some have said, ‘As long as there are horses we will always treat colic’. Colic also means different things to different people. To a horse owner it is often the simple abdominal disturbance easily treated by the veterinarian or a problem that might even go away with a little walking.

To others, including veterinarians, colic can mean a life threatening disease. In fact, as a group, diseases that cause colic kill more horses than any other disease or group of diseases, including old age. The increased risk appears lo be due lo both intestinal anatomy and human management practices that favour intestinal dysfunction, impaction and mal-position more than in other animals.

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