Handbook of Calf Health and Management: A Guide to Best Practice Care for Calves

by Sophie Mahendran, October 2021, FileType: PDF

Handbook of calf health and management a guide to best practice care for calves

A guide to calf management authored by veterinarians with years of experience in both practice and research. The focus is on rearing a calf for optimal health and enhanced productivity, with a focus on welfare and best practice.

The book employs a lifecycle approach to management, seeing the calf through the pre-partum period to 4 months of age. Topics covered include feeding strategies and feeding behaviour, hygiene, weaning, grazing, husbandry advice, and disease management. The approach throughout is of animal and keeper working together. The information presented has a solid research foundation and is evidence-based and up-to-date. Practical tips from the authors’ own experience are also included.

This book explains the reasons why successful calf rearing is vital, right from conception, all the way through to first service of heifers. It draws on the authors’ wealth of knowledge and experience to provide both in-depth science and evidence-based reasoning for decision making in calf health. In addition to this, the authors have first-hand expe­rience of rearing calves, and appreciate that it can be both one of the most rewarding and most frustrating jobs on a farm, often switching between the two on a daily basis! Calving Management and Newborn Calf Care 1st Edition

This book offers some practical tips for both stock people to use during day-to-day rearing, as well as tips for vets who are dealing with young-stock herd health. It takes the reader through the important life stages of the calf in each chapter, highlighting common areas for improvement and outlining gold standard practice that we should aim for. Important information regarding legisla­tion is also included for completeness, as well as descriptions of common diseases and health man­agement procedures. We hope you will find this book to be a useful guide in your future calf rearing enterprises.

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