Goat Production and Supply Chain Management in the Tropics

By Pramod Kumar Rout, Ashok Kumar, Basanta Kumara Behera, Published: 2020, FileType: PDF

Goat production and supply chain management in the tropics

The book Goat Production and Supply Chain Management in the Tropics is a practical manual for goat production systems covering: breeding and selection, feeding based on available crops and resources, and targeted preventative health care for increased productivity and income. It outlines best practice and strategies for setting up a farm, overcoming challenges, increasing milk and meat quality, obtaining sustainability, reducing environmental pollution, optimising climatic conditions and tapping into local know-how.

In addition, the book details developing region-specific data for effective decision making and better management, as well as how to run a developmental project to empower stake holders for higher production, support innovation, and analyse the supply chain for better product quality and marketing.

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Finally, we have a book from the tropics and for the tropics, or better yet a book from the developing world and for the developing world, where most goats are today. The final chapter presents, like no other book before, the opportunities of managing goats under the different ecological, geographic and climate conditions and constraints around the developing world, and where no other farm animal besides goats can still survive and be productive. This book is highly recommended as a textbook for students, scientists and practitioners of animal science.

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