Brucellosis: Clinical and Laboratory Aspects 1st Edition

by Edward J. Young, Michael J. Corbel, Published: 1989, FileType: PDF

Brucellosis clinical and laboratory aspects

Fourteen brucellosis experts from seven countries discuss the history, epidemiology, microbiology, immunology, diagnosis, treatment, and control of brucellosis in animals and man. Edited by members of the World Health Organization’s Expert Committee on Brucellosis, this text is the first comprehensive treatment of the disease since The Nature of Brucellosis by Wesley W. Spink in 1956.

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Topics reviewed with current references include infection caused by newer species of Brucella, such as B. canis, newer diagnostic techniques, such as radioimmunoassay and ELISA, and newer treatments, such as rifampin and the quinolones. The pathogenesis and pathophysiology of brucellosis is reviewed in depth, correlating the disease in animals with the illness in humans. This volume is extremely useful for clinicians, researchers, and students in medicine, veterinary science, microbiology, immunology, epidemiology, public health, and international health.


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