Fundamentals of Pharmacology for Veterinary Technicians, 2nd Edition by Janet

Fundamentals of Pharmacology for Veterinary Technicians, 2nd Edition by Janet, Build a strong foundation for understanding how medications may help or potentially harm animals.

Fundamentals of Pharmacology for Veterinary Technicians, 2nd Edition by Janet

Fundamentals Of Pharmacology For Veterinary Technicians 2nd Editionn

FUNDAMENTALS OF PHARMACOLOGY FOR VETERINARY TECHNICIANS, 2E, follows a body-systems approach making it easy to correlate basic anatomy and physiology with the drugs used to treat diseases of each body system. A strong foundation of drug administration, pharmacokinetics, measurement systems, as well as drug approval and safety provides the concepts necessary to understand drug actions and safe drug administration.

It is an exciting time to be in the veterinary profession! There are limitless opportunities to be part of a profession that continues to expand its field of knowledge. One of the fields that is ever expanding is the discipline of pharmacology. One reason for the increased interest in veterinary pharmacology is the expansion of drug choices available for animal use. New categories of drugs and new uses for existing drugs continue to be presented in the literature on a regular basis. Clients’ willingness to treat their animals and manage clinical disease has also increased the use of pharmacological agents in the veterinary field.

Another cause of interest in veterinary pharmacology is that we have entered the age of consumer advertising in the veterinary profession. Ready or not, we are being dragged into the brave new world of pharmacology-savvy clients armed with their Internet research on the latest medications avail-able to treat their pets. Newstand magazines contain full-color ads for drugs such as Frontline®, Cosequin®, and Rimadyl®. Television ads featuring friendly veterinarians discussing fl ea and tick control with not-so-compliant companion animal owners are now frequently seen by the viewing public. Veterinary pharmaceuticals are now being marketed and sold directly to the consumer. How are we, as veterinary professionals, preparing ourselves to respond to this change in the marketplace—a change that will require us to stay current in the knowledge of drugs and their applications?

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