Fermented Meat Products Health Aspects 1st Edition

By Nevijo Zdolec, Published: 2017, Filetype: PDF

Fermented meat products health aspects

According to the mechanism of their action which prevents or retards oxidation, antioxidants are classified into: primary (reacting with free radicals and interrupting the chain reaction) and secondary (reducing already formed hydroperoxides, antioxidants, binding to the complexes with the catalytically active metals, and antioxidants eliminating present oxygen).

Food is the essential source of nutrients (such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals) for all living organisms to sustain life. A large part of daily human efforts is concentrated on food production, processing, packaging and marketing, product development, preservation, storage, and ensuring food safety and quality. It is obvious therefore, our food supply chain can contain microorganisms that interact with the food, thereby interfering in the ecology of food substrates.

The microbe-food interaction can be mostly beneficial (as in the case of many fermented foods such as cheese, butter, sausage, etc.) or in some cases, it is detrimental (spoilage of food, mycotoxin, etc.). The Food Biology series aims at bringing all these aspects of microbe-food interactions in form of topical volumes, covering food microbiology, food mycology, biochemistry, microbial ecology, food biotechnology and bio-processing, new food product developments with microbial interventions, food nitrification with nutraceuticals, food authenticity, food origin traceability, and food science and technology. Special emphasis is laid on new molecular techniques relevant to food biology research or to monitoring and assessing food safety and quality, multiple hurdle food preservation techniques, as well as new interventions in biotechnological applications in food processing and development.

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