Fasciolosis, 2nd Edition

by John P. Dalton, Published: 2022, FileType: PDF

Fasciolosis, 2nd edition

Fasciolosis is a major global infection of livestock causing both huge losses to the agricultural community and affecting human health as a food-borne disease. Fully updated throughout, this new edition continues to cover: the life cycle, biology, and development of the parasite; immunology; diagnosis; vaccine development and emergence; and cause and mechanisms of drug resistance. It reviews the temperate liver fluke Fasciola hepatica, as well as molecular, biochemical and immunological aspects of the tropical liver fluke F. gigantica.

Many fundamental advances have taken place in the last two decades, but of particular importance has been the mapping of the draft genome of F. hepatica. In addition, comprehensive advances in transcriptomics, proteomics and glycomics have been made, and the book therefore pays particular attention to these developments with the addition of brand-new chapters. Also covering the impact these parasites have had on the global human population, its distribution and ecology, this book provides a comprehensive and accessible resource for scientists, researchers and students of medical and veterinary parasitology.

In Fasciolosis, 2nd Edition, we have captured all these recent advances under one roof. A combination of prominent and emerging scientists in the field have collaborated to produce a comprehensive volume that is a treasure-trove of information for researchers and students alike. I felt it important not to discard the old for the new and, therefore, have retained important fundamental research spanning back to the first edition and further to ensure a seamless transition between the two volumes.

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