Essentials of Veterinary Practice, an Introduction to the Science of Practice Management

Essentials of Veterinary Practice, an Introduction to the Science of Practice Management

by Philippe Moreau and Richard Nap, Published 2010, FileType: PDF

Essentials of veterinary practice, an introduction to the science of practice management

This book provides the essential building blocks with which to grow a practice and concentrates on such aspects as communication with our clients, and with each other, how to run clinics, business systems, finance, merchandising, time management, how to obtain and retain client loyalty—and much more besides.

This book is not about the classical veterinary sciences; it is about introducing the reader into the business environment of companion animal practice. The real world of the veterinary practitioner is that of a small business, which is subject to the realities, principles and laws of that world. Knowledge and skills in the area of practice management are highly scientific, and marketing and management studies form a whole new curriculum. Modern Veterinary Practice Management

Veterinary practice is a mixture of services to clients, and of people and pet relationships. It is now a well-appreciated notion that pet owners “do not care how much you know, until they know how much you care”.

During veterinary studies, how much time was spent on communication and people skills? Having focused on science, how much does the new graduate know about people interaction and communication? What about selling the services, and associated products?

In many companion animal practices, up to 50 per cent of the turnover is generated by product sales. Globally, this trend is increasing, although the percentage differs between countries and regions. This is an important part of our business, which differentiates us from our colleagues in human medicine who, for the most part, only prescribe.

The text presents the profession’s historical background (to illustrate where we come from), and discusses changes that have taken place.

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