Equine Color Genetics 4th Edition PDF. This is the fourth edition of a guide to equine color identification and genetics. The first edition was published in 1996, the second in 2003, and a third in 2009.

Equine Color Genetics 4th Edition PDF

Equine Color Genetics 4th Edition PDF
Each one built on advances in knowledge of equine coat color genetics, which have been accelerating at an ever more rapid pace. The understanding of many genetic mechanisms at work in horses and donkeys has greatly increased since the third edition. So too has the understanding of the biochemical and molecular processes underpinning pigment cell biology in many mammalian species. These advances have produced a much more complete explanation of horse color, and have sparked more extensive coverage in this edition. To make this knowledge available to those who will want to apply it in breeding horses, the explanation of important molecular processes as well as the terms frequently used in genetic studies has been expanded. In most instances the increased knowledge has simplified the understanding of horse colors, in other cases it has pointed to areas where further investigation is needed in order to make sense of various colors and patterns.
Many of the photographs have been updated, with the goal of providing better examples of various colors, shades, and patterns. Several photographs of odd combinations have also been located, and those have added to the completeness of the visual documentation. Many other figures have been included to more adequately illustrate some of the notoriously complicated concepts. Francesca Gianino deserves our special thanks for sharing her talent, creativity, and time in crafting these illustrations.
This work is the result of fruitful collaborations over many years, and bears the imprint of all those wonderful professional and personal relationships that have enriched our lives over the years. The generosity of the community that is interested in the details of horse color is remarkable, and is especially on display in many of the photographs that were offered as illustrations for the various details in the text. These are acknowledged in Table 13.8, where the details of the horse, breed, owner, and photographer for each photograph are indicated. In addition, special thanks go to Sheila Archer, Bianca Waud, Tosso Leeb, and Lesli Kathman for fascinating discussions and insights, all of which have improved our clarity in describing their important work. This, in turn, has greatly added to this book. Many other breeders, scientists, and other colleagues have likewise contributed various insights and details.
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