Epidemiology for Field Veterinarians An Introduction

By Evan Sergeant, Nigel Perkins, Published: 2015, FileType: PDF

Epidemiology for field veterinarians an introduction

Intended as an introduction for veterinarians and other animal health professionals interested in and wishing to apply epidemiological methods in their day-to-day work, this book provides a practical guide for those new to the field. Its applied focus covers the principles of epidemiology in real world situations and practical implementation of disease outbreak investigation for both emerging and endemic diseases. Techniques and methods are discussed, supported by case studies and practical examples to illustrate their application.

The book is clearly written and accessible, providing readers with practical information and encouraging the development of problem-solving skills. It is an essential handbook for veterinary surgeons, students, and those involved in animal health, food safety, and epidemiology. Veterinary Epidemiology An Introduction

This book fills an important gap in the literature of veterinary epidemiology, and it does so in an extremely effective way. It is very practical, and guides the reader through each of the areas of epidemiology in a very well organized and clearly structured manner, providing first a framework for understanding the topic, then taking the reader through the steps required to apply the approach to a real world problem. It deserves a prominent place as part of the kit carried by every field veterinarian, and experienced epidemiologists will also find it a valuable reference.

There are many books devoted to advanced and complex epidemiology applications of interest to the specialized few in areas such as simulation modelling of disease out-breaks, spatial epidemiology, quantitative techniques for analysing large and complex datasets, and risk analysis to name a few. There is little available information providing a grounding in applied epidemiology for veterinarians and animal health professionals working to address animal health problems in the day-to-day field environment.

This book is intended to meet this need. It is written by veterinary epidemiologists with formal training in the discipline and more importantly with extensive experience in applying epidemiologic methods to real-world problems in many different countries and regions around the world.

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