Encyclopedia of Parasitology 3rd Edition

Encyclopedia of Parasitology 3rd Edition PDF. Although in recent decades many methods have been developed to control parasitic diseases of humans and animals, chemoresistance and reduction of budgets for control have caused the problems to increase worldwide.

Encyclopedia of Parasitology 3rd Edition PDF

Encyclopedia Of Parasitology 3rd Edition PDF
Efforts in the “struggle against parasites” must be redoubled if we are not to become overwhelmed by human health problems and problems of food production. This absolute need has led to the application of various new methods to classical parasitology. Thus the different fields of parasitological research are at present expanding so rapidly that it is impossible for an individual to follow the main problems and to evaluate and recognize recent progress.
The purpose of this book is to give a comprehensive review of the facts and trends in veterinary and human parasitology, through contributions from distinguished specialists in different fields.
The authors have focused their contributions on the most important and promising results, in a way which it is hoped will inform students, teachers, and researchers (zoologists, veterinarians, physicians) about those topics, which may be far from their own working fields, but knowledge of which may be necessary to develop new ideas.
Thus, all chapters, the length of which will surely change in future editions, are provided with references opening the literary entrance to each field of research.
We hope that the book will be fruitful and lead to the establishment of new ideas, trends, and techniques in the struggle against parasites.

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