Dogs Demystified: An A-to-Z Guide to All Things Canine

by Marc Bekoff, Jane Goodall

Dogs demystified an a to z guide to all things canine

Dogs Demystified: An A-to-Z Guide to All Things Canine PDF, An all-encompassing and fun reference from an award-winning scientist and dog lover. Dr. Marc Bekoff is an expert at turning cutting-edge science into practical, reader-friendly information. The encyclopedic entries in this book cover everything related to dog care, dog-human relationships, and dog behavior, cognition, and emotions, making this the accessible book that every dog lover should have. In concise, readable A-through-Z entries, Bekoff covers it all, from aggression to pack formation to zoomies, and explores why dogs do what they do; exactly how to meet any dog eye-to-eye, nose-to-nose, and ear-to-ear to understand their world better; and how tuning in to a dog’s unique personality leads to happier dogs and happier human companions.

Dogs Demystified is the ultimate anthology of everything scientific, sentient, and sensational about dogs, brilliantly organized in A-to-Z format. Marc Bekoff has crafted a masterpiece, and staying true to his dogness, he gives the reader a choice: You can read in sequence or easily skip around according to subject. I confess to doing both, and they are equally addictive. This book is like crack for dog lovers, filled with so much insight, field knowledge, storytelling, and curiosity. If Jeopardy had a canine game-show equivalent, I imagine it would be Dogs Demystified. ‘I’ll take “humping” for two hundred, Alex,’ or ‘Let’s try “zoomies” for six.’ With this book by my side, I’ll never need Google for anything related to Canis lupus familiaris again.

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Through Dogs Demystified, Marc Bekoff delivers an authoritative yet wholly refreshing take: the latest science, drawing on the minds of hundreds of research professionals around the world, often told through stories, relationships, anecdotes, and personal memories. If dogs could read, I’d tell them to read this book. I have a feeling they would heartily approve of each and every word.

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