Diagnosis of Lameness in Dogs

By Kei Hayashi, Published: 2023

Diagnosis of lameness in dogs

Diagnosis of Lameness in Dogs, Accessible and easy-to-understand step-by-step guide to the diagnosis of lameness in dogs

Diagnosis of Lameness in Dogs provides general practice vets with a practical, step-by-step guide to performing the orthopedic diagnostic exam, including basic diagnostic imaging and advanced techniques such as CT, MRI, ultrasound, and arthroscopy, and arriving at a correct diagnosis. Treatment options are briefly summarized with the focus of the book being on diagnostics – because general practitioners will generally refer lameness cases. This book therefore provides guidance on possible causes of lameness and when to refer, and perhaps more critically, when not to refer.

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Overall, the text enables general practice veterinarians and veterinary students to develop confidence in accurately diagnosing causes of lameness. More than 600 color images depicting the procedures are included throughout the text. A companion website provides video clips of specific lameness conditions to aid in reader comprehension and information retention.

Written by well-known orthopedic surgeons working in the area of lameness, Diagnosis of Lameness in Dogs also includes information on:

  • General examinations, providing a systematic approach to the examination ensures that multiple problems are not missed
  • Immediate steps to provide urgent care to severely traumatized dogs with hemorrhaging wounds and unstable/open fractures
  • Systemic conditions, neurological disorders, and oncologic diseases that need to be ruled out before arriving at a diagnosis of the problem
  • Specific conditions and diagnostic procedures for the thoracic limb, including bone disease, carpal/distal joints, the elbow joint, and the shoulder joint
  • Specific conditions and diagnostic procedures for the pelvic limb, including bone disease, tarsal/distal joints, the stifle joint, and the hipar joint

The first book to cover lameness diagnosis in detail, Diagnosis of Lameness in Dogs is a highly useful resource for veterinarians and students interested in improving their orthopedic diagnostic skills through gaining a foundation of relevant knowledge and an understanding of how to apply this knowledge in a field setting.

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