Disease Ecology: Community Structure and Pathogen Dynamics

By Sharon K. Collinge, Chris Ray, Published: 2006, FileType: PDF

Disease ecology community structure and pathogen dynamics

Disease Ecology highlights exciting advances in theoretical and empirical research towards understanding the importance of community structure in the emergence of infectious diseases. The chapters in this book illustrate aspects of community ecology that influence pathogen transmission rates and disease dynamics in a wide variety of study systems. The innovative studies presented here communicate a clear message: studies of epidemiology can be approached from the perspective of community ecology, and students of community ecology can contribute significantly to epidemiology. Default Infectious Disease Ecology and Conservation

Our research on disease ecology began several years ago when our collaborative research group was awarded funding from the NSF/NIH joint program, “Ecology of Infectious Diseases” to study landscape change and disease dynamics in prairie dogs. Many of the ideas and relationships that led to this book were generated through the annual PI network meetings for this program. We have learned volumes from the participants in this group and especially appreciate the support and vision of Joshua Rosenthal (NIH Fogarty Center) and Sam Scheiner (NSF) in fostering collaborative interactions among a diverse group of scientists interested in ecology and infectious disease dynamics.

This book benefited greatly from careful review and discussion of chapters by an informal “Disease ecology discussion group” at the University of Colorado-Boulder, including Ellen Bean, Jory Brinkerhoff, David Conlin, Ryan Jones, Matthew Kern, Amy Markeson, Andrew Martin, Susan Perkins, and Jamie Voyles. We are grateful for their contributions and are happy to report that many of the comments and insights made by this group found their way into the final versions of these chapters.

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