Diagnostic Tools in Veterinary Medicine

By Patricia Marques, Published: 2023, FileType: PDF

Diagnostic tools in veterinary medicine

Diagnostic Tools in Veterinary Medicine, Animal disease diagnostics forms a connecting link between the cause and cure of any disease, and thereby, plays a fundamental role in disease management and prevention. A small outbreak of disease can pose a threat to the entire animal community. Thus, to ensure the overall wellbeing of animals, the practice of veterinary diagnostics becomes essential. This field is growing exponentially, driven by the need to control and prevent diseases in animals. Data collected from millions of animal tissues and fluid samples help create drugs and vaccines. A major push in the development of animal disease diagnostics has been towards innovative methods that can provide complete and robust results in less than 24 hours or even during the course of the initial examination of the animal. Diagnostics and Therapy in Veterinary Dermatology

The Key Components of Veterinary Diagnostic System are Vet Laboratory, Vet Devices and Veterinary Diagnostic Test Kits.

Quality assured diagnostics are important for providing appropriate treatment. Hence, the diagnostic technique should be rapid, sensitive, specific, and cost-effective. The classical diagnostic approach includes microscopic technique, cell culture, and serologic assays. With advancements in healthcare, a large array of diagnostic tests have become available, and various modern diagnostic modalities are often routinely used.

This book is separated in 10 sections that cover the epidemiology and surveillance in Veterinary disease, (Section 1), traditional laboratory diagnostics, such as Serology (section 2), Immunoassays (section 3) and Tissue culture (section 4); It also includes a section dedicated to PCR and sequencing (section 5), Imaging (section 6) and another dedicated to Mass spectrometry (section 7). The last sections are dedicated to Specific instruments for veterinary diagnostics (section 8), Machine learning and AI (section 9) and other diagnostic methods (section 10).

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