Dermatology of Camelids

By Karima Akool Al Salihi, Published: 2018, FileType: PDF

Dermatology of camelids

The camel is a multipurpose animal providing milk, meat and transport power, in addition to social culture functions. According to FAO, 2013 the general estimate of the camel world population may probably be around 30 million head. About 88% of the camels are found in Africa, while Asia has 12%. There are an increased interest in the camel as a multipurpose animal that encourage more researchers into the etiology and pathology of camel diseases, but very few published reference books were directed towards dermatology.

The first edition of “dermatology of camelids” has been completely, particularly in the areas of functions and structure of skin of the camelids, diagnostic approach of camelids skin diseases viral, bacterial, fungal and parasitic diseases. This book is intended to facilitate the initial stages of diagnosis of camelids skin diseases and to serve as a refresher to those in the profession who may have had little experience on skin of the camelids. It is the authors’ hope that those studying to be veterinarians will find this book to be a helpful complement to their education and that graduate veterinarians will find this book to be valuable in postgraduate studies.

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