Dermatological Diagnosis in Dogs, An Approach Based on Clinical Patterns

By Verde Arribas, Maite, Published: 2018, FileType: EPUB

Dermatological diagnosis in dogs, an approach based on clinical patterns

Using a variety of graphical resources, this atlas describes the cutaneous clinical patterns most commonly encountered in dogs (accounting for 90 % of cases seen in veterinary clinics), as well as the associated aetiologies. For each pattern, corresponding guidelines are provided to ensure correct diagnosis. This book has been designed as an educational guide for veterinary practitioners to facilitate the diagnosis of skin diseases. The wealth of graphical material complementing the text provides veterinary surgeons with reference images with which to compare the cases they encounter in the clinic.

General practitioners working in the field of clinical dermatology thus need tools that allow them to approach and guide the diagnostic process in a straightforward way from the moment they see the patient. Therefore, when designing the structure of this book, we selected a format that would allow the reader to learn about dermatology as they apply the principals and protocols explained within. Decoding Your Cat – American College of Veterinary Behaviorists

The first 2 chapters provide a general introduction to diagnosis based on clinical patterns, and describe the general characteristics of the skin’s response to aggressions in general, its response to aggressions that produce lesions, and the characteristics of the resulting clinical patterns.

The subsequent 5 chapters are dedicated to the most commonly encountered patterns: multifocal alopecia; generalised alopecia; scaling/crusting and seborrhoeic; erosive-ulcerative; and papulopustular and vesicular. The last chapter deals specifically with the diagnosis of pruritus.

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