Small animal Orthopaedics The hindlimb

Small animal Orthopaedics The hindlimb

By Calvo Bermejo, Ignacio;De Vicente Collado, Felipe;Solano Nicolás, Miguel Ángel;Aisa Roig, Josep, Published: 2019, FileType: EPUB

Small animal orthopaedics. the hindlimb

This book describes, with the help of high-quality images, the different surgical techniques used to treat the main Orthopaedics conditions affecting the hindlimbs in cats and dogs. Drawing from their experience, the authors provide practical information on how to plan and perform these surgical procedures and how to manage patients postoperatively.

Small Animal Orthopaedics. The Hindlimb has been conceived as a practical book in which the text and images are equally important. It focuses on the most common diseases affecting the hindlimbs of cats and dogs and how they can be treated surgically.

This book has been divided into three main chapters, in which the different diseases and their surgical treatments are described according to the joint they affect: the hip, the stifle and the tarsus. Small Animal Surgical Nursing, 4th Edition

The purpose of this work, and therefore the aspect on which we the authors have placed special emphasis, is to provide a clear description of the different surgical techniques, since none of the books published to date in this field shows them in detail. Each description includes the following sections: introduction, indications, surgical planning, surgical technique, postoperative management, outcome and complications. In those cases in which several techniques may be used for the surgical treatment of a disease, such as hip dysplasia or cranial cruciate ligament disease, a section on the key aspects of the disease is also


Authors: Calvo Bermejo, Ignacio;De Vicente Collado, Felipe;Solano Nicolás, Miguel Ángel;Aisa Roig, Josep
Release date: 2019
ISBN: 9788417640712
ISBN e-book: 9788418020278

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