Common Diseases of Companion Animals 4th Edition by Alleice Summers April 2019,  Solidify your understanding of the most common diseases you’ll encounter as a veterinary technician!

Common Diseases of Companion Animals 4th Edition

Common Diseases of Companion Animals 4th Edition

Common Diseases of Companion Animals, 4th Edition is an easy-to-use reference that’s divided into sections by species, with chapters in each section organized by body system. Each disease is presented in monograph form, with clinical signs, diagnostic laboratory work-up, treatment options, and client information to ensure the information you need is always available. New to this edition is coverage of backyard chickens and potbellied pigs This succinct text provides invaluable coverage for veterinary primobol technology students and also serves as a handy reference for working practitioners.

  • Coverage of the common diseases veterinary technicians are likely to encounter in practice keeps students up-to-date with the diseases and disorders they are most likely to assist in diagnosing and managing.
  • Diseases organized by body system enables students to quickly refer to the most accurate information.
  • Consistent, monograph format includes a description, clinical signs, laboratory work-up, treatment, medications, after care, client information, and prevention for each disease.
  • Clearly defined role of technician helps students understand what is expected of them as a working professional.
  • Tech Alerts emphasize key information on the process of caring for pets.
  • Introductory chapter on pathophysiology provides information on the foundations of disease and the body’s response to disease before proceeding to the specific diseases of each system.
  • Full-color design and illustration program reinforces what diseases look like — such as signs exhibited in the animal, in lab specimens, and in surgical corrections — and demonstrates techniques, such as urethral catheter placement in a female cat.
  • Nursing care sections include descriptions of changes in clinical signs with improvement or decline that will affect treatment, as well as more Tech Alerts to highlight the veterinary technician’s responsibilities.
  • A variety of review questions, including open-ended critical thinking questions.
  • Vet Tech Threads direct learning by outlining key terms, learning objectives, and the glossary.
  • NEW! Chapters on backyard chickens and potbellied pigs.
  • NEW! EXPANDED content includes the latest information on disease prevention.
  • NEW! Coverage of new veterinary diseases ensures that you have the most up-to-date

Veterinary technicians serve a wide variety of functions in the clinical setting. Although they are not diagnosticians, they do assist the veterinarian, through assessment and laboratory procedures, in arriving at a diagnosis. Perhaps their most important functions are in treatment planning/implementation and client/patient follow-up and compliance. To perform these duties effectively, they need a strong understanding of diseases.

This fourth edition of Common Diseases of Companion Animals has been expanded. It now covers how basic
anatomy and physiology affects the development of disease in many species of companion animals, including horses, goats, reptiles, birds, pet pigs, chickens, and small mammals. The equine section has been expanded, and all chapters have extra questions and more color pictures. The book is a collection of both clinical and practical information concerning diseases seen frequently in clinical practice.

Tech Alerts are included throughout the text to emphasize the role of the technician in the total care of the patient. The book Common Diseases of Companion Animals 4th Edition is written as a text for veterinary technology students and as a reference for daily clinical practice. It is not intended to be a comprehensive medical text; rather, the goal of this work is to acquaint veterinary technicians with disease processes and their treatments so they may better educate their clients.

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