Color Atlas of Diseases and Disorders of Cattle 3rd Edition PDF

Color Atlas of Diseases and Disorders of Cattle 3rd Edition PDF is again directed worldwide towards veterinarians working in all fields of cattle medicine, including diagnostic laboratories, to veterinary and agricultural students, and to livestock producers, whether they are scraping a marginal existence from an unfavorable terrain or are managers of large-scale dairy or feedlot units.

Color Atlas of Diseases and Disorders of Cattle 3rd Edition PDF

Color Atlas Of Diseases And Disorders Of Cattle 3rd Edition PDF
Comments in the preface to the second edition have been incorporated into this text to avoid needless repetition. To do justice to the advances in cattle medicine over the last years, which has seen several new diseases assume regional or worldwide impor-tance, the number of illustrations has again been substantially increased (first edition: 732; second edition: 752; third edition: 848), retaining this atlas as one of the major publications in the field of the diagnosis and control of bovine conditions and diseases. In this edition captions have been added to the illustrations for easier orientation of the text.
Among the topics, new or further expanded and illustrated are congenital vertebral malformation, erythropoietic porphyria, and protoporphyria (Chapter 1); bovine neonatal pancytopenia or “bleeding calf syndrome” and incarcerated umbilical hernia (Chapter 2); besnoitiosis, tail sequestrum, and fractured ribs (Chapter 3); abomasal impaction, and jejunal hemorrhage syndrome (Chapter 4); tuberculosis (Chapter 5); cardiac tamponade from tire wire (Chapter 6); digital dermatitis, and crushed tail head (Chapter 7); BVD/MD retinopathy (Chapter 8); fatty liver syndrome (Chapter 9); persistent preputial frenulum (Chapter 10); ischemic teat necrosis (Chapter 11); and botulism (Chapter 12).
Major revisions have been made to three important infectious diseases, namely foot-and-mouth disease, bluetongue, and bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE). The advice on management of many diseases and disorders has been revised and expanded, as have the important differential diagnosis sections.
We have again avoided making specific recommendations on drug dosages because product availability and permissible usage varies enormously from country to country, and new products frequently enter the market.
We trust the third edition continues to be useful and its widespread application will give us our reward from its production.

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