Cote’s Clinical Veterinary Advisor – Dogs and Cats, 4th Edition by Leah Cohn, Etienne Côté May 2019, With this fourth edition, the Clinical Veterinary Advisor enters its 15th year.

Cote’s Clinical Veterinary Advisor – Dogs and Cats 4th Edition

Clinical Veterinary Advisor - Dogs and Cats 4th Edition

Cote’s Clinical Veterinary Advisor – Dogs and Cats 4th Edition PDF, What a journey so far! Its existence, and endurance, are a testimony to the veterinarians, veterinary students, technicians, and many others who have given it their genuine support. The positive comments, suggestions for improvements, and identification of errors fell on our receptive ears, and we have benefited greatly from this input. A glance back at the first, purple-cover edition shows how much ground we have covered—and the first edition was already a point of real pride. The subsequent editions, including this fourth one, would not have been possible without the enthusiasm we received from the readers who put this text to work in improving their day-to-day practice of veterinary medicine.

What makes this edition better? By far the most impactful change has been the joint involvement of the two of us. Dr. Leah Cohn is a clinician, researcher, and teacher with a specialty in small animal internal medicine. Her extensive work in infectious diseases, in respiratory medicine, and in urology makes her a well-rounded specialist and, to many of us, the internist’s internist. She has mentored literally thousands of veterinarians, both general practitioners and specialists. Leah has spearheaded this edition after being the Nephrology and Urology editor since the inaugural edition.

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It was my (Côté’s) dearest wish that she would take the reins of the Advisor, and I am eternally grateful to Leah for having done it so well. Her insights have made this the very best edition to date, and by far. The credit for recruiting, organizing, reviewing, persisting, and troubleshooting, from the very beginning of this edition, belongs with Leah. Likewise, all of this edition’s innovations and improvements exist thanks to her.

As always, finding ways to improve on the last edition but not increase the book’s physical size has been a tremendous challenge.

• Existing chapters have been comprehensively updated and edited to reflect changes in best practices. Once again, the foremost principle was to anticipate what a reader might be looking for when reaching for this book, and to make sure that was at the core of every item in this edition.

• The portion of the text devoted to Diseases and Disorders includes 35 new chapters on such clinically relevant topics as idiopathic hypercalcemia of cats, movement disorders, incidentally detected heart murmurs, food-related hyperadrenocorticism, and postoperative hemorrhage of sighthounds. These chapters, like everything else in the book, had to clear the bar of being current, clinically important, and written simply and with utmost accuracy.

• We have added 43 newly described procedures to the text, and all procedures are notated with a level of difficulty. Those with “one diamond” are described in enough detail that a veterinarian should be able to open the book and complete the task, such as performing a fecal transplant or administering a lipid emulsification infusion for in toxications. At the other extreme, “three diamond” procedures provide the practitioner with the kind of “need-to-know” information that will facilitate client conversations before referral for more specialized care, such as the placement of a subcutaneous ureteral bypass device. The “two diamond” techniques are very doable but might take a bit of practice with a more experienced colleague for a typical veterinarian.

The Advisor continues to include both a hard copy textbook and an electronic platform. The purpose is to appeal to readers who are resolutely print-friendly—those of us who remember the approximate position of a fact or photograph on a page and quickly flip through the book to find it—as well as to all of us who benefit from the electronic medium: searching, storing, etc. The electronic edition is comprehensive and contains not only all the material in the print book but many additional bonus chapters, lists, and algorithms.

From the first edition to this fourth, the Clinical Veterinary Advisor has been a labor of love. We love helping pets and their people.

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