The clinical radiology of the horse 4th edition is the best-selling, practical guide in all areas of radiography and radiology of horses, written by an experienced group of doctors with a wide range of studies.

Clinical Radiology of the Horse 4th Edition

Clinical Radiology Of The Horse 4th Edition

  • It offers an atlas of normal and clinical images, as well as a detailed guide to methods, equipment, positioning and interpretation for general veterinarians and specialists in the field of visualization and orthopedics.
  • Updates to this fourth edition completely reflect the transition to digital visualization with many new figures in the book and the main changes in the chapters on the head, thorax and abdomen.
  • Contains an expanded covering of foot, pastern and fetlock (now in separate chapters)
  • Includes a password-protected website with all images from the book, as well as over 200 additional images with examples of more subtle damage, more fractures, proper technique and positioning against irregular, immature horses, disease progression and pathological images.

When we wrote the first edition of Clinical Radiology of the Horse, it was with the intention of providing a comprehensive book dedicated to equine radiography and radiology which would be of practical help to the practitioner, as well as providing specialist information.

We have now evolved to the fourth edition, but our aims remain the same. The authors have all practiced radiography and radiology and have pooled our collective knowledge and experiences to write a book by consensus, rather than a multi‐author text.

This has tested the patience and endurance of us all, but we hope that it continues to enhance the value of the book to the reader. We thank Paul Poulos who contributed extensively to the first three editions of the book, but having now retired has opted out of involvement with the fourth edition.

We wish him well for the future. We welcome Sarah Puchalski who has contributed to three of the chapters in the fourth edition, and whose additional expertise we highly appreciate. Once again Geoff Lane has cast his knowledgeable eye over the chapter on the head, and we are grateful for his assistance in this area, while acknowledging that any errors remain our own.

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